1. What is Xindexer?
    • Xindexer is a very large network of Blogs built to get your URLs indexed in Google. We do this by posting your backlinks multiple times throughout the day on our network. Millions of Google Bots visit our blog network everyday and when these bots see your backlinks, the likelihood of getting indexed goes up dramatically.
  2. What is Indexing?
    • Indexing is the process of getting the backlinks that you create in SEnukeXCr into the Google database. If the articles and profiles that you create using the software don't get indexed by Google, then all your work is will be wasted.
  3. How does Xindexer Work?
    • We built a massive, automated blogging network. We currently have thousands of blogs and we generate hundreds of posts every minute. The idea is pretty straight forward, we place your backlinks on our blog network and work hard to get Google to take notice of our system. As Google examines each site and indexes our posts, they naturally follow all of the links and this in turn greatly increases the likelihood of your backlink getting indexed.
  4. How many backlinks are posted for each URL in the system?
    • FREE users get their URLs posted 5 times throughout the Xindexer Blog Network, if you have a premium membership, then we do A LOT more for you (see The Xindexer 2 Loop).
  5. How long before I start to see results?
    • You can start to see results in as little as 7 days, but it may also take as long as a month to get some URLs indexed. In Xindexer 2, we continue to work your URLs for a full 28 days before we place them into the "Archived" Bin. We also automatically filter out dead URLs and check with Google every 7 days to see if your backlinks have been indexed.
  6. How do I create an account in Xindexer?
    • An account is automatically created for you and tied to your SEnukXCr account when you submit URLs from SEnukeXCr to Xindexer using any indexer project. Once an account is created for you, the system will email you your log in information (check you spam folder if you don't see it).
  7. How do I reset my password?
    • You can reset your password here.
  8. Is Xindexer the same thing as the Indexer Project in SEnukeXCr?
    • Sort of, Xindexer is the service behind the indexer module that does all the work, the indexer module is a means for you to connect to Xindexer, but more importantly, since Xindexer is integrated into SEnukeXCr everything is completely automated, no need to manage spreadsheets of URLs anymore.
  9. Is Xindexer a separate company from the makers of SEnukeXCr?
    • Yes, Xindexer is a separate company from SEnukeXCr, we receive no income from your SEnukeXCr subscription. Xindexer has entered into an agreement with SEnukeXCr where our services are integrated into the software, in exchange for providing SEnukeXCr members with 50 FREE URLs per day. Our income and our ability to run the service comes from selling premium memberships.
  10. I'm currently using SEnukeXCr on a trial basis, why can't I submit URLs to Xindexer?
    • This was a decision that we made to try and curb people from abusing the system. There are a number of people who abuse a trial by continuously signing up again and again. Once your Trial is up and you have a paid subscription, you will be able to use the Indexer project to submit URLs to Xindexer.
  11. That's all good but how do I start today, I paid my subscription to SEnukeXCr but I still don't have access to Xindexer.
    • If you signed up for SEnukeXCr with the 14 day trial, then decide to pay for the subscription after just a few days, you are still on a trial membership until the initial 14 day period is up (your membership start date is the last day of the 14 day trial, not the day that you made your payment). If you want to gain access to Xindexer during this time frame, your best option is to cancel your current subscription and purchase a new one WITHOUT the 14 day trial.
  12. I'm stuck... I have an error... please help...
    • We have a number of ways to help, first you can search the forums here, you can look through this FAQ, you can submit a ticket or you can email us at support(at)xindexer.com (if you email us please include your SENukeXCr email address so that we may look up your account).
  13. What modules should I use in conjunction with Xindexer?
    • You should use Xindexer with the Social Network, the Web 2.0 Profiles, and Social Bookmarks. It will work just fine for the forum profiles, but you need to have a large package. The forum profiles add up quickly and will fill up your New bin in no time. The article project does not provide any URLs so it does not work with Xindexer.
  14. Can I submit my money site to Xindexer?
    • This is discouraged. The system that we built is designed to get your backlinks indexed, not to pass link juice.
  15. I just purchased an upgrade, what happens to my FREE 50 that come with my subscription to SEnukeXCr?
    • Your Free URLs are processed just like before; however, they are not run through the Xindexer 2 Loop (see below). They are posted 5 times in our network and then moved to the "Free Archive." Another great addition to Xindexer 2 is that if your New bin is empty and you have URLs in the Free Archive bin, then the system will automatically pull URLs out of the Free Archive and process them in the loop. In other words, even if you didn't run a campaign this week, the system is still working for you.
  16. How can I increase my storage limit?
    • As a free user you can store 10 days worth of URLs on our system, for the majority of free users, this equates to 500 URLs that may be stored at any one time (50 URLs/day for 10 days). If you purchase credits or a premium subscription then you can store up to 60 days worth of URLs, this ranges anywhere from 3,000 to 120,000 URLs, depending on your subscription terms.
  17. I have a multipack license to SEnukeXCr, do I get to submit more URLs/day for free?
    • Yes, the number of daily URLs is based on the number of licenses that you currently hold. The majority of users have a standard license that allows for installing SEnukeXCr on three different machines. These members get 50 FREE URLs/day. This equates to 16.66 URLs/License. For users who have a 6 pack, they get 100 FREE URLs/day, users who have a ten pack get 167 FREE URLs/day, etc.
  18. I have a 10 pack license, what do I get for purchasing a basic package?
    • A ten pack license gets 167 FREE URLs/day posted on our network and then placed in the Free Bin, if you purchase a basic package, you will get an additional 100 URLs; however these URLs are processed using our 28 day loop for a total of 267 URLs processed per day.
  19. I purchased a basic package, but I want more, how do I upgrade?
    • Upgrading your account is not as easy as we would like, the problem is that Paypal does not provide any tools to change the monthly payment, so the only way to make it happen is to cancel your current subscription and then purchase a new one. This will result in two subscriptions going at one time since subscriptions are paid for in advance. When you upgrade your account, you will see a higher daily URL allotment while both subscriptions are going and then it will reset once the original subscription runs out.
  20. Why do I see XX% in my control panel - where is my Index Rating?
    • The Index Rating is a percentage based upon the number of URLs in the Indexed Bin and the Archived Bin, if you have no URLs in the archived bin then you will not have a Index Rating. The Index Rating is for users who are using credits or have a paid subscription.