Credit System

New credit based system gives you complete control over your indexing needs. Perfect for users who don't want a monthly membership.
Credits Tutorial


A state of the art, visually stunning dashboard created using Unity3d gives you a complete picture of what is going on with your back links.
Settings Tutorial | URLs Tutorial

Xindexer Loop

Xindexer brings to market a one of a kind 28 day indexing process where URLs are worked for a full month before they are placed into the archive.
Loop Tutorial

Link Checker

Each URL is loaded into our servers and inspected to ensure that the back links that are supposed to be on the page are actually there.

Panda Friendly Blog Network

Panda put a lot of changes on the table for all of us. We have completely redesigned our blog network to be Panda friendly and it is very strong.


The whole point of upgrading our system to 2.0 was to automate your indexing process from start to finish, we take care of everything for you.

Index Checker

URLs are checked every 7 days to see if Google has indexed them, plus we check the indexing status of links BEFORE we put them in your Queue, saving you $$$.


The latest upgrade brings crowd sourcing, a new turbo wizard, plus several new modules and everything is completely integrated into Xindexer 2.